What is the difference between yeezy and boost?
Brand and design

The main difference between Yeezy and Boost lies in the brand and design. Yeezy is a fashion sports brand launched by Adidas in collaboration with designer Kanye West. Its products, including shoes, use Boost technology, which is an EVA material known for its high rebound performance. Midsole. However, Yeezy brand shoes enjoy high visibility and popularity in the market, mainly because of their designs and collaborations with specific artists or designers, rather than because of the uniqueness of Boost technology.

On the contrary, Boost technology itself does not have any special brand attributes. It is an independent technology that can be applied to a variety of product designs of different brands. For example, the Ultra Boost series includes products from multiple brands, such as Nike, Adidas, etc. What these products have in common is the use of Boost material in the midsole, but due to different design elements and brand positioning, they each have different styles and usage experiences.

In general, the biggest difference between Yeezy and Boost lies in their market positioning and brand culture, while Boost technology is the technical foundation shared by both. 1