13 fashion domain names owned by Identity Digital
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The word "fashion" has become a synonym for trends in the world. It is often mentioned on the lips of some people and appears frequently on the Internet and in the media. People have different understandings of fashion. Some people think fashion is simplicity, others think it is luxury, some people think it is simplicity and frugality, and some people think it is unconventional. So what exactly is fashion? Let’s take a look at 13 trendy domain names from the Identity Digital registry.

Comprehensive fashion domain name

The word "Style" has long dominated the Internet hot word list, such as "Jiangnan style", "aircraft carrier style", "science and engineering male style"... In short, style represents the trend, whether domestic or foreign. But in fact, the word style itself contains the meaning of fashion, which is translated as style. Many fashion websites also prefer .style domain names.

For example, the British fashion clothing brand Walkers Style mixes asymmetric lines, wrinkled fabrics and strange styling concepts with bright yarns and subtle colors to create brand-new fashion-style clothing, which is influenced by has gained wide popularity, and their website uses the precisely fitting domain name - walkers.style. Another example is the fashion information website – traveln.style, the Korean fashion website – metro.style, etc.

The literal translation of Moda means fashion. Many fashion brands include the word moda in their trademarks. Therefore, the .moda domain name is very popular in the fashion field. For example, the fashion home website - home.moda; the fashion clothing e-commerce company - gomez.moda, etc.

Clothing domain name

Clothing is the best carrier of fashion and trends, so Identity Digital provides fashion descriptive domain names such as .clothing (clothing), .shoes (shoes), and .boutique (boutique). This allows the clothing industry to tell the audience what they do through domain names, and potential audiences can find them faster by entering keywords in search engines, and more conveniently remember their contact information - the domain name. Therefore, many clothing brands and e-commerce companies highly recognize this type of domain name.

For example, the official website of the American fashion clothing brand alanic - alanic.clothing; the Turkish baby clothing e-commerce - bebek.clothing; the American footwear e-commerce - takkens.shoes; the official website of the sports shoe brand MLO - mlo.shoes; the fashion clothing e-commerce - —blue.boutique etc.

Jewelry domain name

Wearing gold and silver has been an integral part of the fashion industry since ancient times. Identity Digital provides four exclusive domain names including .diamonds (.diamonds), .gold (gold), .jewelry (jewelry) and .watch (watch). . This makes the domain name attributes of such companies clearer, and the domain name prefix can reflect information such as the company's location or brand, making the domain name more accurate and easy to remember.

For example, the American diamond e-commerce platform - usa.diamonds; the gold and silver jewelry e-commerce platform - tacoma.gold; Miami jewelry - miami.jewelry; Apple watch - apple.watch, etc.

Other fashion-related domain names

Many products or services naturally have fashion attributes, such as beauty salons, furniture, etc. Identity Digital provides 4 products including .toys (toys), .florist (flower shop), .furniture (furniture) and ..salon (salon) Descriptive domain names with fashionable attributes are highly sought after in the market.

For example, the official website of the toy brand Zing - zing.toys; the Scottish online flower shop - bells.florist; the American ROSS brand furniture - ross.furniture; the official website of the Dublin hair salon - hairpeople.salon, etc.

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